For more than 20 years we have been the Accounting, Finance, and HR functions for early stage companies. We help our clients grow from small founding teams to hundreds of employees, from VC-backed to going public or being acquired.

  • SAAS Platform
    Paperless, scalable; allows your business to grow.
  • Accounting Team
    On-demand CFO, dedicated team; grows as your business grows.
  • Hr Service
    HR specialists; Focused on your people.
  • Financial Metrics
    GAAP Financial Statements, dashboard; track what matters

Our services

BOARD MEETINGS We present financials to investors and board members at every meeting
FINANCIAL PLANNING We prepare an annual financial plan to calculate your burn and estimate your runway and update it every month
FINANCIAL STATEMENTS We close the books and produce GAAP financials for our clients every month
HUMAN RESOURCES We handle all HR activity including benefits and ensure compliance with labor laws every day
PAYROLL We run payroll for our clients' employees every month
DISBURSEMENTS We pay our clients' vendors and reimburse employee expenses every day
RECEIPTS We keep track of all the $$ coming into our clients' bank accounts, whether it is revenue or equity financing every day

Contact Us

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For new client inquiries, please email us at: NBOSsales@accretivesolutions.com